The Potential Of The E-Cat Home Technology

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As the commercialization of the Home e-cat is drawing near, the potential of the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology is again in focus. If the promise of an alternative source of energy that will give us cheap, abundant and safe energy will come true, the possibilities are endless. Indeed, there will be no limit on the potential of a technology that is infinite.  The Home e-cat that will be available in the market in the next 16 months is fueled by nickel. This is the fifth most common element on earth and, as a fact, is readily available. If this technology will be developed further and it can start generating electricity, we can say goodbye to oil wars resulting from human greed.

With the invention of the Home E-Cat, further studies and research should and, most likely, will be done on the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or Cold Fusion technology so that it realizes its full potential. This is because its success depends on the funding for research in this field. Until now, only Italian inventor Andrea Rossi is the only can boast of producing a functional cold fusion device. However, there are now more scientists who are beginning to be aware of the possibilities of the technology. It will be interesting to see what will come out of this field after a successful debut of the Rossi energy catalyzer for domestic use. Leonardo Corporation will be the pioneering E-cat company but many others may soon follow their footsteps.


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